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Dienstag App

Dienstag App for iPad™ turns the exercise of creating shift plans for your team into fun. The latest shift schedule is ready in minutes and the team has all work times and the information they need right at their fingertips …



The HDTApplikation is our ERP-System for the organization and seminaries and conferences. For Haus der Technik e.V. Codeon's developers conceived and implement the "HDTApplikation" software to support the handling of seminaries to register participantsa and to handle the complete marketing.

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Codeon develops for many different platforms. Codeon has done projects for iOS and OS X, but also for .NET, Windows, Java. The strategy for Codeon's future is complete platform-independence using in-house and open source tools.

What's going on at Codeon ?

Currently a cross-plattform Objective-C compiler on the basis of Clang is under development at Codeon. The accompanying Objective-C runtime features cross-platform wait-free operation and superior interoperability.

It was released as Open Source in the first half of 2017.